We’ve compiled a small portfolio of some of our work to show you the types of projects we’ve undertaken for other clients. It is divided it into broad sections to help you find a project that might be similar to the work you need us to do for you.

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App / Program

Complex web based applications and programs to fulfill clients’ exact needs.

Midgard Interactive Map

  • Jquery
  • Leaflet.js
  • Custom Javascript Solutions
  • PHP Custom Programming
  • Server setup and maintenance
  • Content curation and digital file management
  • Multiple submaps integrated into one searchable webapp
  • https://midgardmap.koboldpress.com

Kobold Press had some great cartography to go along with their award winning Midgard World setting relaunch. I was excited to work on turning that incredible art and storytelling into a digital interactive webapp that could be utilized by fans of the games to enhance their experience. Utilizing custom coding on top or real world GIS (Geographic Information System) libraries I was able to create a Google map like interface for the fictional world.

We couldn’t stop there though. With some additional coding we were able to create multiple sub-maps within the main map, integrate mobile friendly navigation and optimizations, and rework some of the complex path measuring tools to provide a “pathfinding” tool that provided accurate to the imaginary world scale measurements. Fan response was incredible.

Kickstarter Fulfillment Program – The Strange RPG

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Backerkit
  • PHP Custom Programming
  • Data Integration between Backerkit and Woocommerce
  • Scripted SQL Database Management
  • Custom PHP Mailing from databases

Monte Cook Games needed a way to fulfill their latest kickstarter through their already existing Woocommerce store. We created an integration program to take data exported from Backerkit and merge it into the existing Woocommerce format, generating coupons based of the user and fulfillment data provided by backerkit.

The company needed to update and modify data as it went along, so we built a fully featured system with a backend that allowed manipulation and viewing of the data, the ability to email based on the entries in the databases, and the ability to generate coupons through scripts with a single update.  We also created multiple user-centric options to allow the backers to see their rewards and fulfill direct from a page linked form their accounts. As the program parameters changed, we updated areas of need and created custom options to display all user coupons linked to the user, a feature that Woocommerce itself lacks.

Pathofsuns.com – Artificial Reality Game / Kickstarter Support

The Path of Suns ARG project was an incredibly fun undertaking that let me create some very unique structures and work with some different parameters than other promotional projects. Designed as an Artificial Reality Game to drip content and teases out in support of an upcoming kickstarter, we created Path of Suns as a site that would spark mystery and get the user base poking around in the code to try to decipher the mysteries we were presenting.

With a timer, GPS coordinates to real world geocaches, scripts that updated content at triggered times, mysteries and hints dropped into the css and code, and an eye towards closing off all avenues of investigation as to the real nature, we engaged with the many thousands strong community over the few months leading up to the kickstarter. When it launched, we revealed the next site, http://invisiblesunrpg.com, which contained teasers, promotional material, javascript pledge calculators, and a door that would open only with the right code. A fully custom solution and an incredibly fun project.

The Strange Character Creator Application – Dojo.js

  • HTML 5
  • Dojo JS
  • Advanced CSS Options
  • Browser Based Storage
  • Flat File Data Structure
  • Legal/Technical Challenges
  • Community Driven Development
  • http://chargen.thestrangerpg.com/

A popular option for many publishers who work in the tabletop role-playing game sector is to take some of the rules options from their books and move them online to interactive web applications. The Strange Character Creator was one such project. A fan of the company’s had built a character creator for a previous iteration of their game, but was unable to create one with the complexities that The Strange RPG required. The client got permission to take the previous work and expand upon it.

Contacting us, we took the previous GPL licensed code and reworked some of the options. Modifying the dojo.js based application, we reworked the data and added multiple extra data storage options to meet the unique game mechanic that had characters re-configuring their attributes with each world they visited. Alongside the extra coding to allow increased customization, we leveraged client side data retention, utilizing browser based storage as well as generating a flat-file format that they could download and re-import on another computer.


When you have a lot of content that needs to be dynamically updated by a large group, the right Blog or CMS solution can be the keystone of your operations. We specialize in helping craft the right strategy to take you as far as your team needs to go.

Broadsoft CC-One Custom WordPress Theme

Dewdrop Media needed some help whittling down their workload and contacted us about taking on a project for them for Broadsoft CC-One. A merger had occurred between two companies and all of the data and blogging options needed moved from the old site to the new site, with custom themes to match the old and new styles.

Providing PSD templates from the designer, Dewdrop handed off the work to use and we created a custom WordPress Theme and Blog architecture, pointing out a few areas not covered in the designer’s PSD, such as archives and searches. Supplementing their workflow, we designed missing elements and created coding to work with their legacy menu options and work around conflicts that had occurred in other areas of the site.

Gnome Stew – Award Winning Gaming Blog

  • Fully Featured Blog Built With WordPress
  • PHP Customization
  • Award Winning Site (Best Website eNnies awards 2 years, multiple other awards for content)
  • Archive Integration with Other Sites
  • User Posting Options
  • Server Upgrades and Hosting
  • http://gnomestew.com

One of the most robust and well used blogs we have built, the multiple award winning Gnome Stew has been a client for many years and through many iterations. When ownership changed hands, a site redesign was called for that focused on the enhanced functionality the new owner wanted. We worked off of a fully featured base theme and updated many PHP templates and design elements, switching from smaller blog images to a larger format and customizing the backend to help the authors adjust to the change.

Alongside the technical and design upgrades, we updated the guest author posting options, integrating plugins and customizing forms to create an easier to utilize guest author page as well as the ability to list multiple authors for each post. This enabled greater ability to craft the content of the site by the community built around it, which lead to increased Patreon support of the site.


The primary way people engage with most businesses is through their websites, and that means you need a well designed website that matches your audiences needs. Every business is different, and every business website needs to reflect the unique strengths of the company it represents.

Mutts & Co – Promotional Business Site and Shopify / Erply Integration

Mutts and Co. reached out to the marketing firm Easton Digital who we had worked with before on a few small projects, mostly repairing and optimizing sites they were doing marketing for. Mutts and Co. needed a custom site and help integrating their existing Point of Sale system into their proposed ecommerce platform of Shopify.  Collaborating with small team, we took the designs created by the designer and built a custom theme with a completely customized backend. Allowing for updating of elements not through the stock WordPress template, but instead leveraging custom fields, we provided an easily updatable site that would meet the current and future needs.

We helped the owner of Mutts. and Co integrate multiple advanced elements, such as custom coding around a feed from their google calendar, integration of their POS into their Shopify Store, customization for holiday sales and special events, and extensive training videos to help them bring their staff up to speed.

Saving Throw Show – Business Promotional Site

  • Promotional Site For Twitch Channel
  • UI/UX Design
  • Customized Theme
  • Youtube and Twitch Channel Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Training and Documentation
  • SEO Optimization
  • http://savingthrowshow.com

The Saving Throw Show is a popular Twitch channel that does actual plays of tabletop role-playing games. We were contacted by them because of work we’d done for other clients in that industry, and we jumped at the chance to dig into such a fun and graphically interesting project.

Their old site needed major updates to match up to the level of quality they had for their live and recorded broadcasts, so we worked with their graphic designer and owner to craft a UI/UX strategy to showcase the elements of their operation in the most optimal way. We worked from their graphics and built in layout elements to supplement their current processes.

They had also had issues with their site being found by searches online, so we worked in some better XML sitemaps and integrated Google Webmaster tools to make sure their new site was getting crawled and providing the kind of content search engines like to see.

Vesta Care – Healthcare Recruitment

Matt, the owner of Vesta Care, came to us with the need for a new site on a fairly quick turnaround. He had ideas and a vision, but needed the site on a tight deadline in order to promote the business at upcoming events. We worked out a plan and built the site with out of the box elements to get it created and ready in time. We used a diverse array of plugins, stock art, and custom coding to create the right mix of elements for the dual purposes of his site.

Vesta Care was being promoted to two different audiences, health care organizations in need of staff supplementation, and employees looking for jobs in the health care industry. We built the design concept around being easy access to each side and quickly get where you needed to go, while also providing a company ethos and mission so potential clients and employees could assess Vesta Care. We also built a robust application process for potential employees that worked into the workflow already being utilized by Matt and his staff.


Websites whose primary engagement is through a dedicated community have to be crafted in different, more complex ways than sites with more promotional purposes.

Jon Bon Jovi Backstage Club – Backstage Membership Club

  • Exclusive Community Forum Built On WordPress Framework
  • Custom Theme
  • Advanced CSS
  • Community Engagement
  • Forums
  • Achievement Systems and Points Tracking
  • Javascript / Jquery customization and repair
  • Custom Functionality in Prebuilt Theme
  • https://backstagewithjon.bonjovi.com/member-login/

The Jon Bon Jovi Backstage site was rushing towards a deadline and needed some expert help to supplement their current staff. They reached out to us and we were able to provide technical solutions to many of the issues they were facing. Working off of a theme used for similar setups with other artists, we helped integrate custom elements and styles, rebuilt templates, integrated and customized the functionality of coding utilized in different ways on other sites, and delivered a final working project in collaboration with the other developers on the team in under a week.

A large majority of this project was working down the punch list and rebuilding elements that broke on the current site. We repaired a large jacascript file that had multiple errors and was removing much of the site’s functionality. We also built and modified the output from custom modules by rebuilding and hooking into existing functions in plugins that were integrated with the forums to provide a better experience and customized displays for tour dates, schedules, and member profiles.

The pre-built achievements and points system required some major reworking to present only the information required and prevent manipulation by community members. When the site was handed off an a security vulnerability introduced by the 4.72 version of wordpress occurred, we jumped back in to remove an infection and provide the information that helped their main developers patch the vulernability.

OSU Black Lives Matter In The Classroom

  • WordPress Based Research and Resource Site 
  • Out Of the Box Solution
  • Graphic Design
  • UI / UX Strategy
  • Resource Archiving and Optimization
  • Content Coaching
  • http://osublmic.org/

Sherita was in charge or organizing a large teaching event around the Black Lives Matter movement at The Ohio State University. She wanted to make sure engagement was high and the information and resources were provided to the teachers and students attending in the best way possible.

We worked together to take the resources she had and craft them into a strong web presence for the two day teaching event. Creating a robust page with the images, assets, information, and the ability for participants to upload materials and research for consideration, we built a strong site with some visual emphasis in support of the event.


When one of your primary sales venues is your website, you need to make sure the complexities of fulfillment, presentation, payment gateways, and data management are all carefully crafted. We’ve helped many companies build and customize an easy to maintain eCommerce solution.

Monte Cook Games eCommerce

  • Woocommerce
  • Heavily Customized Backend
  • SQL Database Speed Solutions
  • Integrations With Multiple 3rd Party Solutions
  • Custom Theme Modifications and Heavy CSS Tweaks
  • Managed Hosting and Database Maintenance
  • Multiple Custom and Plugin Supported PHP Solutions (Mailing, Security, Reporting, Cross-Site Logins)
  • Long Term Retainer Client
  • https://www.montecookgames.com/

It is hard to nail down the work we’ve done for Monte Cook Games in just one entry or category. They’ve retained our services for many years to be the tech arm of their company and we’ve provided many websites and complex technical solutions for them. One of the key areas we have focused on is their Woocommerce eCommerce platform and their integration with other sales channels and distribution options.

Within the Woocommerce platform, we’ve helped them provide advanced shipping and selling options, custom created a drop shipping option for their overseas distribution, refined their content and fulfillment strategy after funding many successful kickstarters, created a multi-site login network based off of their store, optimized their databases and hosting solutions over many moves as their company grew, and helped them with reporting options that Woocommerce lacked — to name just a few of the services we’ve provided.

We’ve also helped them build internal applications for integrating the workflow of their distributed company staff, provided on-site technical support at conventions, built custom twitter feed and video promotional applications, helped create local pickup options, and provided long term technical support to their customers.

Third Eye Games

  • Promotional eCommerce Site Built on WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Unique Design
  • Previous Site Upgrade
  • Malware Removal
  • Video Integration
  • http://thirdeyegames.net/

Eloy had his site around for a while before he decided he needed to update it. He had a fully featured site that he had put together many years ago, but as his publishing business grew he wasn’t able to keep up with the site updates. When he reached out to us, we worked out a strategy to update the site and remove a previous, but dormant, infection that had come from forums he had installed. We worked first to remove the infection and clean things up on his 0ld site, then used that as the base template to build out the new look with all of his previous content.

Working on a special development server we set up for him, we were able to get the site updated and create a custom design based on the look he wanted to maintain. Integrating and heavily customizing the Woocommerce base look, we took the graphics and images he had and worked it into the visual look of the site to make a clean and unique design that showcased his books as well as providing a way for people to buy them. Eloy’s site is like many other sites we’ve done for small press publishers or stores needing a way to showcase their wares.


When you are the product you are selling, you need a good way to show yourself off. We’ve helped many individuals and projects create excellent portfolio sites that enable them to showcase their talents and careers.

Chantico Studios – Artist Portfolio

Avery’s career as a freelance artist was going well, but she needed a way to hook in potential clients and let them easily peruse her works. When she came to us with her portfolio, we knew we needed to showcase her talent front and center.

Creating a site she could maintain on her own, we helped her build out a photo wall that gave an instant overview of her work. We helped her conform her images to the right display sizes and provided training documents and videos so she could continue on the work after it was built. Now, when she approaches a potential new client, she can point them to her site and be sure she has her best foot forward.

Jared Lees – Musician Promotional Site

  • WordPress Based Album Portfolio
  • Heavy CSS and PHP Customization
  • Custom Templates for Responsive Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Music Streaming From The Site
  • Updates and Hosting
  • Graphic Design
  • http://www.jaredlees.com/

Jared has been doing Bass Guitar for a long time, but in order to push his career farther he needed to build up his following. He wasn’t sure exactly how to craft a site to do that, so he came to us for help. We sat down with Jared and worked out a content strategy to showcase the elements that made his brand unique, and worked to present those with the right technical solutions.

Building a site off of a base theme helped Jared meet his budget, but the theme didn’t fit everything he needed. While it allowed for some music streaming and a good way to emphasize his albums, there was no responsive element to it. We jumped in with heavy theme customizations and CSS modifications to redo the theme templates and make it usable on any device. Now Jared can rock out at his shows while knowing that his site helps codify his fan base no matter how they come to it.

Bobeverson.net – Author Promotional Site

  • Promotional Site With WordPress
  • Heavy Graphical Emphasis
  • Password Protected Blog Categories
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Transfer From Other Sources
  • http://bobeverson.net/

Bob needed a way to showcase his writing and editing with a promotional site for himself. He had been doing a good deal of writing and editing, crafting a large following on Google and Twitter, but he wanted to move his work to a venue he could control and that could bring in more people. We worked with Bob to create a site that showed off his writing in a graphically interesting way.

Building a valid content strategy and utilizing stock art and layout to provide visual flair to his writing, we set about building some more advanced technical aspects for him. He wanted to close off some of his writing for people in the groups that followed him, but he wanted them to come to the site to read it. We built a solution that let him password protect his writing, but allowed him to share it out to the groups he built up, drawing them back to the site.


Most websites fulfill multiple purposes and don’t fit neatly into predefined categories, but some projects really don’t fit into neat boxes (even if they use the box model).

Site Recovery, Transfer, and Cleanup (Misc. Clients)

Sometimes things go wrong and you need someone to help clean them up. We’ve been contracted by many clients to help recover a site from a host who didn’t manage the files optimally, who became aware of a malware infection and needed it removed, or who suddenly had a server crash and only had corrupted backup files.

For these clients, we’ve been able to utilize our expertise and tools to recover the sites and restore them to optimal working order. If you’ve got an issue and need someone with a dedicated technical eye and the ability to problem solve, reach out and see what we can do to help you get back on your feet.

  • HTML 5 / CSS / Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • PHP/Rails Applications
  • Malware Removal
  • Server Transfers
  • Corrupted File Recovery
  • Database Recovery