Bee Zen Web Design offers many webdesign and I.T. services for small businesses and individuals. We aim our services at helping clients create a web presence that fits their individual needs, is easy to maintain, and also doesn’t break the bank. We’ll help you through every step of the webdesign process and make sure you end up with a web presence that fits your needs.


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Contact us to talk about your project and we can work out an estimate that fits your needs. We work on projects of all sizes.

Pricing & Estimates

We work with all levels of clients, large and small, and we price our work to ensure we can meet budgets. We begin every project by communicating with you and figuring out your needs. Right up front we’ll provide you an estimate that shows all the generalized steps of the project and what you will be getting. If your budget is a limiting factor, we find options that utilize pre-existing solutions to cut down on the amount of manual work that is needed.


Domain Registration

A Domain Name is like a telephone number or address for the internet. It is what helps people find your website reliably every time without memorizing a bunch of numbers and protocols.

We’ll help you set up a domain name with a certified registrar (Such as,,,, or one of many other registrars) so that you are registered as the owner of the site and don’t have to worry about who legally owns the name of your site.

We can purchase and bill you for the registration, handling all the technical specs but leaving you as the legal owner.

Website Design & Development

What type of website fits your needs? We can help you figure that out.

Websites come in many flavors and many styles. The one that fits your needs best depends on what your needs are. Bee Zen Web Design begins with this thought in mind and opens every website design and development project with client communication – either in person, over the phone, or through online meeting. We find out what you want and what you need, then make suggestions on ways to get the best results and the right price.





Static & Dynamic HTML Websites

If you need a fairly basic website without the need to update it constantly, we can build a static website that looks good but has simple coding. These websites can be hosted almost anywhere and provide a good solution for those who just need a minor web presence. Adding a few Dynamic elements in can allow small updates or extra features for your customers.

Mobile & Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets have completely changed the way websites are viewed, and most organizations benefit from having a web presence that is easily accessible from a mobile phone or tablet. There are many ways to do this, with content that resizes to fit new screens or specific mobile websites that produce a different experience.

 Artwork and Graphic Design

We’re great at the coding and we can accommodate graphic design needs for your website and provide basic graphics, stock images, or elements from graphics libraries. For dedicated artwork, we bring in freelance artists and designers to create websites that wow and have your personal mark on them.


 CMS & WordPress Websites

Content Management Systems (like woordpress, joomla, drupal) provide a great base layer of code to build upon. With a CMS, a client can create new pages, change content, update entries, and add functionality with plugins. We can make major customizations to websites like these to serve your needs now and into the future.


 Web Ready Programming

Whether you need the output of your ecommerce store converted for packing slips, a complete kickstarter management system integrated into your current site, or a platform that lets users provide content for your site, we can create the programing that makes it happen.



 Written Content

Writing for the web is different than writing for other media, and studies show that most web users spend less time on written content when they are online. We can take your message and your wording and tweak it to ensure that your website users get what they need before their digital attention span runs out.


Social Media

Maintaining a perpetual social media presence on one or multiple sites can be a challenge. Let us help by handing off social media duties to us. You can send us messages or projects to promote and we can use our tools and expertise to perfect it for each platform and push it out immediately or scheduled in advance.

We have tools that make managing social media easier, and we can take your message and make it have the most impact on each site you use.


Every website needs to live on a computer that is always on and capable of serving webpages to the internet. Inadequate or cheap hosting is one of the biggest issues that we hear about from clients. We offer internal hosting to our web design clients that comes with dedicated support, perpetual backups, and constant updates.



Level 2 Hosting

Medium Traffic - If you do a lot of traffic back and forth, this package ensures you won't go over limit.
  • Bee Zen managed updates to site.
  • PHP / MYSQL / CPANEL Admin / FTP Access / Dedicated Support
  • Up to 15 Gigabytes of Storage
  • Up to 250 Gigabytes of Bandwidth per month

Level 3 Hosting

High Traffic, Medium Storage - Good for popular sites that see many, many visitors each day but require higher storage.
  • Bee Zen managed updates to site.
  • PHP / MYSQL / CPANEL Admin / FTP Access / Dedicated Support
  • Up to 20 Gigabytes of Storage
  • Up to 500 Gigabytes of Bandwidth per month

Level 4 Hosting

High Traffic, High Storage - If you need a site with plenty of storage and plenty of transfer space, this package will fit your needs.
  • Bee Zen managed updates to site.
  • PHP / MYSQL / CPANEL Admin / FTP Access / Dedicated Support
  • Up to 40 Gigabytes of Storage
  • Up to 750 Gigabytes of Bandwidth per month

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