As part of a marketing strategy using online radio ads in the Cleveland Area, the client wanted a clean, simple, website that would act as a way to drive contacts to her services. Due to regulations on the advertising of prices by C.P.A.s, we had to be careful with the types of things offered and mentioned on her services page. This was part of the content discussion that shaped the design of the site.


  • Promotional Website
  • Simple and Clean Look
  • Integrated Mobile Site
  • Social Media Links
  • Primary Contact Page
  • Uncluttered Design to Showcase Information

The client needed it quick. The radio ads were scheduled to run within a week or so. We took phone meetings in the car to make sure we knew what she needed and could make the best use of our time in front of the computer.

A Focus On Key Information


Converting Ads To Clients

The primary focus of the site was to convert radio ads to clients. That meant we focused on a quick, simple display of information to support the ads.

Services were key

We considered all the options and decided to put all the basics front and center. What Dana could do for the client, how to contact her, and enough information about her to prove her credibility.

So… Contact, Contact, Contact

We made sure to her most relevant contact information was posted on every page in a clean way and provided every means of contact she currently had available or was planning to add.

But we didn’t stop there. We knew we needed to reach audiences on all devices. 

We knew potential clients might be accessing from multiple devices, so we made sure it was friendly on mobile devices of all sorts. We utilized tools that created a great looking mobile site and provided easy navigation.

We also built in telephone links so all a potential client had to do was click the phone number and it would start the call to Dana.

Within a Week

We had turned around a simple, good looking, and responsive website that allowed Dana to catch clients that came to her through the radio ads she had already paid for. We enjoyed working with Dana and are glad we could help support her business.