Sigma Data Consulting


Sigma Data Consulting is a consulting business that needed a simple web presence to help spread the word and provide more information. Matthew, the owner approached me and asked for something simple in design and style that could provide him a web presence but also allow him to update with the details of projects he completed for clients.



  • Responsive Design To Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Simple Navigation
  • Simple Graphical Backgrounds
  • Stock Photography
  • Custom Graphics (Logo)
  • Cache And Optimizations To Enable Quick Load
  • Owner Can Make Changes
  • Projects Section That Can Be Continuously Updated



Matthew didn’t have a huge budget for his web presence and had never done anything with a website before, so we talked over his options and I presented him some mockups for different types of sites that were simple in scope. He decided on a theme that utilized darker colors and some stock photos I had found.


Quick, Simple, And Ready To Go


Getting A Name Out There

Matthew worked as a freelance data consultant and was looking for a simple presence to showcase what he knew. We talked about his design wants and I created a website with some stock graphics that would help his talents show. With just a few pages of content, we created visual designs that pointed to Matthew’s projects page.


The projects page showcased articles Matthew wrote about statistics and data analysis. It showed how he helped businesses understand their data and provided an online resource to back up his resume.

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Simple design of a matching business card.

Matthew's needs were less complex than some of my clients...

But he still got the same service I provide to all my clients. I made sure that the website was responsive so Matthew could show off his projects from his tablet when talking to a client. We also created a simple, matching business card that had his contact information and a way on the site for people to instantly get in touch.

Custom LogosCustom Images From Stock Photography

Meeting The Goals

Matthew eventually moved on from pursuing freelance statistical analysis to take a permanent job with one of his clients, but credited the site with helping get the job. I was happy to have helped Matthew pursue his career goals and provide him a good online presence while he was working for himself.