Rogue Princess Squadron

One of my colleagues in the Role-playing game industry saw the work I was doing in web design and writing for Gnome Stew and asked if I could help her get a new web venture off the ground. Rogue Princess Squadron was  going to be a website for a group of female bloggers wanting to write about gaming and general geeky things. They wanted a design that broke the mold of other blogs and presented the information in a visually appealing way.


  • Unique Visual Look
  • Responsive Design To Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Integrated Mobile Site
  • Multiple Authors
  • Integrated Social Media Logins
  • Spam Registration and Comment Blocking
  • Author Bios That Link To Social Media Accounts
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Customized WordPress Theme

Part of this project utilized me as an advisor for making a blog work. Alana and Angela, the primary people behind the project, had experience but not with blogging. I helped build the website and advise them on what kind of content would garner readers while building up a fanbase and providing ethos.

Building The Blog



As a blog, the articles were important. So we built structures in place to emphasize the articles and make them come front and center. The Main Page grid design kept the most relevant content front and center. The images were important to provide visual flair and entice readers to click through to read more.

Clean And Simple

While much of the success of the blog would rely on the authors and writing the content, we needed to make sure it would be well received. The client asked for something clean and simple, but dynamic. Those are sometimes polar opposites. We found a base theme to build from that provided a dnyamic look, while letting the content stay front and center. I modified the coding and options to fit their needs specifically.

Advertisements and Social Media


The blog required some way to integrate advertising and pay some of the bills for hosting, so I pointed Alana and Angela to someone who specialized in the advertising to their target audience of self ascribed gamers, geeks, and nerds. We integrated advertisements into the sidebars and the articles themselves.


Social Media

But advertising was needed for the blog as well. We worked in a sharing option and social media links to help readers spread the word about the blog. This ensured that articles could spread easily and had more of a chance of becoming viral. 

Click image to enlarge

Community is a big part of success for a blog, so we made sure to lower barriers to entry.

Getting comments but avoiding spam was a prime concern. We implemented spam blocking measures for comments that might come through and lowered barriers to commenting by allowing people to log in with a registered account OR any of their social media logins. This required setting up apps on various social media, but it enabled people to easily add to the discussion without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

Working With A Great Group Of People…

to fulfill their vision is one of my favorite things about being a web designer. I was happy to help Rogue Princess Squadron get their start and continue strong. I was especially proud that they named me an honorary princess. I still provide web hosting and constant updates for RPS, ensuring that the tech side of their operations goes smoothly.