Reality Blurs is a game publishing company that has been around for a good many years. They needed a website redesign and the migration of old eCommerce and forum options into a new format. Things I’d learned from other projects were of key importance here and I was able to advice Sean and Lyn on many options that would make their site and content shine. 


  • Unique Visual Look
  • Responsive Design To Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Integrated Mobile Site
  • Complete Network of Sites
  • Different looks/similar themes
  • eCommerce transfer

Sean, the site’s owner, has technical expertise and was able to complete a lot of the work and content generation post setup. He also had a specific vision and we worked together to make it work within the frameworks we had chosen. The project came together beautifully near the end, and multiple pieces all fell together.

Building The Blog



A key piece of the site is the blog, a place for Sean to talk and build an audience. We needed to migrate his old content from wordpress and upgrade it. He chose a base theme that had a good and unique structure, but required some work to make it play correctly. Once we got the main site set up and Sean got familiar with the content, we migrated site elements to create a color scheme that wound through the other sites.

Store and Forums

The old site had an eCommerce shop and a forum, but each of these was based on an older program. I had learned a lot about migrating eCommerce sites from a previous project, so when Sean had a similar need I helped him work past the issues. We utilized similar tools to the ones I’d used on the previous project and got his store and forums transferred over and upgraded. He needed a strong eCommerce platform, so I showed him a few options and helped him work out a structure for the content that would be extensible and easy to maintain. Sean did a chunk of the work in updating his individual projects. This helped keep the budget down and made sure he and his team had firsthand knowledge of how to maintain the site into the future.

The side menu flies out and emphasizes the content first approach the client wanted.

The store has similar colors to the main site, but retains its own style to better convey setting and product information.

The store keeps to the minimalistic look Sean has been creating with his products and branding.

But the coding on the backside enables it to be fully functional and robust as an eCommerce solution.

Communities had to be migrated

The old site had an active forum, and Sean wanted to maintain those as an archive while retaining the community that existed there. We migrated all of the old forum posts to a newer format and integrated them into a different system. We archived and hid them so that the forum could have a fresh start. The community members accounts were migrated and then linked up to a Reality Blurs network that shared login credentials between the store and the forums. That meant everyone could log in with one set of credentials instead of having to create multiple different ones for the store, blog, and forums.

Migrations Retain Social Structures

Seans sites had been around for a while and a migration to a newer format while keeping as much of the original content and structures as possible was necessary to preserve the connections and audience Sean had built up. I worked with Sean to find out what he needed to maintain and how he wanted to change things moving forward. We got his sites and structures set up and he was able to start fresh but building on strong foundations he had already created for himself.