No Thank You, Evil!



The new children’s game – No Thank You, Evil! was going to be kickstarted in just a week or so and Monte Cook Games needed a website for it. They were waiting on art assets and didn’t have a lot of parameters. This was a project that completed in a relatively short time and relied on my suggestions more than many other projects. They had some content, they knew what they needed to support, but how to make a website that would capture the attention of children and their parents to drive backers to the kickstarter?




As I went through the process to outline and develop this website in a very short span, I kept envisioning 2 audiences – the parents/guardians and the children who the game was aimed at. Keeping this idea in mind helped me create a bright and colorful site that had elements to keep children entertained while giving the parents who were backing the kickstarter informed.

Selected Projects for Monte Cook Games

  • Interactive sliders and narratives
  • Great art assets!
  • Smooth Navigation and flow
  • Long scrolling pages divided into categories
  • Responsive design that keeps interactive elements on mobile screens

No Thank You, Evil! Video Showcase

No Thank You, Evil! is full of interactive elements that need to be seen in action. Check out the preview video above to see the site’s features.

Due In Days

No Thank You, Evil! was put together in about 2 days. MCG had the idea and the concept but was waiting on many art elements to finish and finalize. I created a site with basic templates and slider plugins, then spent a full day importing their art assets and reworking the site to fit the ever-changing themes. Part of the reason this worked and became such a good site so quickly was due to the great teamwork from everyone involved. The writers, the graphic designers, the artists, and the project managers all met with me online and had skype meetings with changes on screen to make sure it fit their needs. Suggestions I made were incorporated to ensure the site impacted the right audiences. It worked smoothly and communication was the key to the site being a success.

Multiple Audiences

The multiple audiences for the game (people who would back the kickstarter and the kids who the game was targeted at) required a vastly different approach. We wanted to provide all the information and marketing, while making sure it functioned as a fun site for children to visit with their parents. We started with options and looks that would work for all ages, then built out with information and language that parents could easily understand and distill to younger children.


Never Forget The Mobile Experience

For a site with multiple audiences like No Thank You, Evil! we had to create the mobile side with some consideration to how people would use it. Would parents be showing their kids the site? Would it be used to show other potential backers the site? What information would be most important and what interactive elements needed to be retained on smaller screens? We worked to consider how the site would be used and what options people would need. We managed to keep the feel and flow of the site on smaller screens and ensure that people using it on phones (with their kids or other potential backers) would still get all the relevant information.


Flash With Substance

So many elements of this site were aimed at capturing children’s attention and help adults understand the game they might be backing. This called for flashy elements, but ones that had purpose. The slider on the front of the page was designed with the idea of exciting children. Moving background elements let the mouse and cursor motions provide interactive elements. Strong art paired with text aimed at adults let the site read cleanly while also conveying information easily. It’s a delicate balance to strike, but good communication and a good vision can make it work wonderfully.