Hammerdog Games




The Hammerdog Games website hadn’t been reworked in many, many years. It looked good for the time it was created and was pretty advanced for when it was made. By today’s standards it just wasn’t there. It needed an upgrade if Danny was going to keep getting business online. He had just finished a successful kickstarter and wanted something better and more modern that really played up the quality of his products. I worked with Danny and an artist to create a good looking site with his old content.



Original Site (Below)


  • Responsive Design to Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Simple Navigation
  • Promotes Client with Strong Images
  • Retains content from old site
  • Custom backgrounds and art
  • Ken Burns slider/ Video Slider on main page

Danny knew he needed something with wow factor that looked modern, but didn’t have a lot of time to rework his site’s content. I worked with him to get project parameters, then contacted an artist (Matt Morrow) to create some great background images and finished it up from there. Going back to Danny for approval, we put together the site and got it launched.

Content, Clean Style, And Ecommerce

While we used the old content, we needed a way to make it stand out and look great. Part of this was due to the great background art and good art assets that Danny had. But Danny’s content was very customized with different sections and navigation options. We had to find a way to make sure the elements under the Grande Temple category had their own menus that lead throughout the section. Each product line had a lot of content that needed reworked and we needed to make sure that the design and style was modern and fresh looking. Getting it all done and updated took a while and a change of platform from the base HTML the previous site was coded in. This let Danny update his site much more easily and will make any future upgrades require less manual transfer of content.

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eCommerce and Linking Hammerdog Properties

One of the options we had to include was linking the social media properties that Danny had created for Hammerdog Games since the site was last redesigned. Working those into the site in a way that was consistent and clean required a small amount of though to placement. His site’s layout didn’t have a traditional footer, so we co-opted some header space and made sure it looked clean and modern. We created custom icons for the sites (like Paizo) where Hammerdog Games had a presence but didn’t have social media style icons.

Danny came back to me when he needed an eCommerce solution included. For Danny’s platform and needs, I suggested something simpler than I would suggest for other clients. There are some great full featured platforms out there (like woocommerce) that offer multiple options and upgradability. Danny needed something stable that wouldn’t require constant tweaking though. It needed to integrate into his current paypal store. I found a solution within his price range and complexity needs, then set about reworking his 80 or so products to work within the new format.

Providing Many Types Of Help

Danny’s time was limited – due to publishing his latest books – so having his website get upgraded without constant input from him was a service I was happy to offer. I made sure to get lots of information from Danny up front so I could have a clear idea of his goals. Once we got started, we got the site upgraded and modern in a way that Danny loved. We didn’t change the course too much, since we were using his current content, but we were able to make it shine and provide a more modern feel for his customers.