Selling yourself as a copy editor and technical writer can be hard. A good web presence to get someone to hire you over someone else can really go a long way. When you hand off a business card or make a contact, it is highly likely that they are going to google you or see how much effort you put into your business. Daniel came to me because he wanted to make sure when people looked him up online, they got the right message.



  • Responsive Design to Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Simple Navigation
  • Promotes Client with Strong Writing And Images
  • Simple Parallax Accents to Create Dynamic Feel

Dan knew what he needed and he knew that to make it happen he needed someone else’s expertise. He had the expertise to do the job, but needed help to sell himself. We worked together to set up the site concept and cover the bases of what he needed. Dan contacted a local photographer to get good photos that would provide that personal connection – then we made sure to showcase his writing and competencies to potential clients.

Simple Navigation, Information Up Front

We structured the main pages to have a simple navigation scheme that could easily showcase what clients would be looking for first. We then supported Daniel’s abilities with samples, terms of work, and easy ways to contact him. A simple site to sell the service in a genuine way.

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Making Dan Shine

Promotional sites all share a common factor – making someone shine. In order to do this, you have to carefully consider who the client is and what about them needs to shine. Dan wrote most of the copy for his own site, of course, and I helped him structure the concept and guide him through the process of getting the site up and running. I always enjoy projects where I can work with someone to help show off their best side.