Chantico Studios is the online porftolio and site of Avery Liell-Kok, an artist who does illustrations and commissions. Her old site was a static html site that was becoming harder for her to update. Needing something responsive and dynamic, she approached me to create something fresher and easier to maintain.


  • Responsive Design To Accommodate Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Simple Navigation
  • Art Heavy Landing
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Promotes Artist and Provides Relevant Information Easily

Avery’s site was one I greatly enjoyed working on. Her time was limited so I took her old site and converted all of her art assets and information into the new format. We discussed what she wanted up front and I presented her multiple options to choose from. Once we’d decided on the course, it didn’t take long to get her site set up and ready to go.

A Dynamic Site That Has To Be Seen In Action

Avery’s site has a lot of features that help showcase her art. Click on the video above to see how her site works.

Showing Off The Artist

With any portfolio website, the art is the main selling point, so the art front approach works well. It’s important to make any potential client connect with the artist as well. Is this someone you want to work with? Is this a person who would fit well with your company’s ethos or workflow? To that end, we made sure the first step was getting art before the eyes of the viewer but making sure that essential information was easy to access no matter what device the viewer was using to view the site.

Click to enlarge

A clean mobile interface was a key requirement. This enables Avery to show off her artwork from any mobile device when she meets a potential client.

Fulfilling The Client’s Needs

Especially when working with someone promoting themselves, it is vitally important to make sure the client has everything they need. When Avery and I did our initial discussion, I was able to suggest multiple options that she had not yet considered. She felt that some of the things she wanted were going to be too complex, but getting her on the correct platform provided her a simple, easy base to update her website with and gave her incredible upgrade options for the future.