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Bee Zen Web Design is a design and development company based out of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in creating beautiful websites that fit your individual needs.

What Can We Do For You?

Bee Zen Web Design approaches things in a different way. Your needs for a website are unique and require an individualized touch to help maximize your online presence. We provide unparalleled service and help you get a web presence that fits your needs. Every project starts with discussion about what you need and how we can help you get there.

Just take a look at what past and current clients say about our work.

Sabins Gadgeteering

“Bee Zen Web Design helped me tremendously by creating and setting up my business website, as well as continuing support by extending its functionality. I wouldn’t have the business I have today without Bee Zen!”
—Matt Sabins, sabinsgadgeteeringlab.com

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Easton Digital

“John and I have worked together on several web development projects. The projects included a wide range of platforms, including wordpress and shopify and extensive integrations with systems such as ERPLY. The projects frequently included several unknowns and complex issues.  At all times, John provided level of professionalism and confidence that impressed clients and improved overall team work.

John frequently went the extra mile for clients and would create detailed videos and tutorials. He is flexible and willing to take on any project.”

  —Kurt Prosser, Easton Digital

Monte Cook Games

John combines great technical skill with a solid understanding of the needs of our business and customers. He’s super easy to work with, proactive, and quick to respond when crises —inevitably— raise their ugly heads. We could not have grown our online presence, and our ecommerce store, at the rate we have without his great work!”


 —Charles Ryan, COO, Monte Cook Games, LLC

Monte Cook Games

Phil Vecchione


I needed a new website with a more modern look. John did a wonderful job of taking my requirements and designing a site that was fresh looking and functional. He went out of his way to customize several parts of the site that were not possible out of the box, to make sure I was as happy.
– Phil Vecchione

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John did a complete overhaul of my website and I’m thrilled with the results. He made a special effort to balance my needs for control, customization, and cost, and even helped me commission custom art. When there was a glitch on my website after launch, he fixed it from the floor of Gen Con. From his phone. While wearing a kilt.

 – Danny O’Neill, owner, hammerdog.com

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Martin Ralya

I’ve been running websites since 2000 with a variety of hosting providers, and Bee Zen is the best hosting provider I’ve ever had. John is proactive about updates and other maintenance and incredibly responsive when it comes to fielding questions and requests. Based on how quickly he deals with stuff, I can only assume that John doesn’t sleep.
– Martin Ralya, GnomeStew.com
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Jared Lees

John’s work is creative and he is great at optimizing your site for your needs.  John is easy to work with and responds to inquiries and needs quickly and professionally.  Highly recommend Bee Zen!
 – Jared Lees


John redesigned a beautiful site for our islamic society ISNEO.org , not only he was brilliant and very easy to work with but also he made great documentation made it easy for anyone to manage!
 – Mohamed Ragheb, ISNEO Board member
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